Art Visualization - Finding the Right Artwork

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Are you trying to figure out if one of my nature or landscape photographs would fit in your space? Not sure if it will look best above your couch, in your office, in your kitchen, in your dining room, or in your bedroom? I totally understand and I'm here to help.

It can be very difficult to find just the right art work for your wall. Every space is unique, everyone’s approach to décor is different, and every image communicates its own message. Oftentimes,  people will spend countless hours searching for the perfect piece of art for their space. Part of the art buying process involves the fear of making a large purchase only to find that it doesn’t work in the space you had in mind. I want you to feel totally comfortable before deciding to purchase one of my photographs.

To assist with this difficult decision making process I have developed a process for you to see how my art will look on your own wall. Using computer imaging software, I can overlay my artwork on a photo of your wall, allowing me to try a variety of pieces in different sizes to find the perfect piece of artwork that is right for your space. The above image is an example of what I can do.

Instructions for Art Visualization:

1. Take a photo of your wall space (on your phone is totally fine). Make sure that it is taken straight on and not at an angle, if possible. To help me accurately measure the dimensions of the artwork and to match the colors with your space, include some of your furniture or other décor in your image.

2. Measure something in the photo (like a couch, bed, or wall) and include these dimensions with your image. This will help me obtain a good reference measurement by which to simulate the artwork on the wall.

3. Make a list of photos from my website which you would like to see on your wall. Feel free to choose as many as you would like to try.

4. Send me the following via e-mail: the digital image of your space, the measurement(s), and a list of the images you would like to try.

Once I have this, I will put together samples for you and will send them to you for your consideration. You can then request to try other images, to re-arrange them, or re-size them. I will work with you to help you find the right image. It is not unusual for this process to take a few tries to find the perfect match.

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